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From then to now

The great, if not stark, plains of Nebraska is a terrific place to grow up as a boy. The larger share of my childhood and adolescent hours were spent exploring the arts: painting, sculpture, instrumental and vocal music and theater arts. It is also a great experience to be in other places; precisely where I have been -- from San Diego, California to Coos Bay, Oregon, to Wilmington, North Carolina. I have returned home to be with loved ones.

I graduated from Hastings College in 1986, where I studied psychology, education and language arts (creative writing, literature, speech, theater, journalism and linguistics). I took additional coursework at Washington State University and ended up with a teaching certificate from WSU and an English degree from Hastings. Because it was clear the public school system was not an environment in which I would thrive, I took the most expedient route to securing legal tender, working on the production line in a paper mill and rising through the ranks for seven years following.

When a window opened for me to develop training for the pulp and paper industry, I jumped through it, which led to my well-suited career as an instructional designer and technical writer. I have held both full-time and contractor roles in the software, telecom, manufacturing, and finance industries, happily designing for more than a dozen years. I have spent the previous ten years in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I was active, and a board member, in the local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Digging a little deeper

The Keirsey temperament sorter (for which I am a certified professional administrator) provides an accurate interpretation of my personality. I am an INFP -- an Idealist Healer -- one of about 1% of the population. As such, I am able to add a unique viewpoint in a team setting. INFP's are cooperators, do what is right, and value integrity and authenticity. We are diplomats. You can read more about us here.

My likes and interests include instrumental music, flying, the music of Pat Metheny, the art of Joan Miro, the literature of Kurt Vonnegut, nature, metaphysics, travel and adventure, and so much more.

I have enjoyed my days as a contractor, as they have given me a wealth of experience in varied environments and subjects. While I welcome these experiences, I would also like the experience of staying long enough in one industry to develop a profound expertise and to bond with one team for a good, long time. I am currently contracting virtually, as I have done previously, but I still enjoy walking through the office doors each morning and spending the day with my peers.


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